The Anne Harris Children's Fund


Bringing A Touch Of Magic To Children's Lives

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The Aim Of The Fund

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The objectives of the Trust are to improve the education and relieve financial hardship of children and young people suffering from any form of poverty, illness or disability, (nationally and internationally), as the Trustees may from time to time decide.

The Anne Harris Children's Fund aims to be a highly visible organisation, operating solely to generate funds and distrubte those funds directly to community-based charities and non-profit organisations who's work is focused on children and young people.

The fact that these organisations are based within a community means that they are in the best possible place to know what can benefit that community and how it may be achieved.

We believe that children are our future, and that, as such, they should be nurtured and developed so as to fulfil their potential. We do not believe that we should focus solely on the children of the UK. We therefore aim to contribute to charities across the globe.

We will keep our overheads to a minimum so that as much of the money we raise as possible is used to assist children.

We would be interested to know which children you would like us to support.

For a list of charities The Anne Harris Children's Fund intends to support, please see the beneficiaries page.