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Inflatable Info

Name: Spike

Image: Spike

Born: Autumn of 1995
Length: 10m (33ft)
Height: 4m (13ft)

Spike is an Echidna or spiny ant-eater, who lives in Australia.

To protect themselves, Echidna dig a hole to hide their legs, leaving just the long, sharp quills sticking out. The female lays eggs which are carried in a pouch as long as she can bear it!

Echidna came into being during the Palaeocene period, 65-55 million years ago. The extinction of the dinosaurs enabled the mammals to take over.


During the making of Spike, Anne first started experiencing problems in her hands, caused by the repetitive nature of sewing on his spines. Pins and needles in her hands, coupled with other conditions caused by excessive sewing over the years led to Anne having to stop sewing. Fortunately, this was only for a few months. Anne does have to regulate herself now, which is a bit of a challenge!

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