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Inflatable Info

Name: BP

Image: BP

Born: Summer of 1995
Length: 15m (49ft)
Height: 3m (10ft)

BP is a Basking Shark. He was created for a project run by Scottish Nature Conservancy, to highlight the plight of Basking Sharks, which are an endangered species that inhabbit the waters surrounding Britain.

Basking Sharks are gentle giants that feed on plankton, filtering it from the seawater. They swim along with their mouths open, the water goes in through their mouths and out through large gill slits in the side of the shark’s head. They can grow up to 50 feet in length, the size of BP!

BP only flies.


One of his most unique outings was in Cali, Columbia. A television crew went inside him to film looking out, in the middle of busy a traffic island!

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