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Inflatable Info

Name: Kimberley and Joey

Image: Kimberley and Joey

Born: Spring of 1995
Length: 11m (36ft)
Height: 8m (26ft)

Kimberley is a kangaroo. She has a baby called Joey. Joey is smaller than Kimberley, and is a windsock.

Kanagaroos belong to the family known as Marsupials. Marsupials have pouches in which their young develop.

Found in Australia, kanagaroos are large, plant-eating mammals. They stand on their back legs and use their tails as props and for balance.

Following the Jurasic period came the Cretaceous period, (140-65 million years ago). During this period, the continents drifted far apart and flowering plants appeared. By the end of the Cretaceous period, all the dinosaurs had become extinct and early mammals, including Marsupials, had developed.


In 1995, Anne was amazed to receive her first International Kite Festival invitation, especially as her inflatables are not strictly kites, and there are so many wonderful kite makers around the world. In honour of the invitation, Anne decided to create something special, and Kimberley was born.

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