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Inflatable Info

Name: Bronty

Image: Bronty

Born: Autumn of 1994
Length: 20m (66ft)
Height: 6.5m (21ft)

Bronty is a type of dinosaur called a Brontosaurus, which means "Thunder Lizard". At sixty-six feet long, Bronty is life sized.

Why were they so big? Dinosaurs were probably cold blooded. If they were cool, they got cold and could die. However, some were so big it took them a very long time to cool; their great size kept them warm. This was probably one of the reasons they grew so big.

Bronty's family were plant-eaters; they would reached down with their long necks into the swamps and eat water plants. They could lie low and hide from an enemy. Their eyes were high on their flat heads so they could peep out without being seen.

Due to his age, Bronty now only flies.


Bronty has had a couple of flying adventures.

At a festival in Adelaide, there was a whirlwind, and he took off down the beach... a car had to drive fast for quite a distance to catch him before he could fly off out to sea!

At another festival, held on a rugby pitch in Cape Town, South Africa, the wind changed direction suddenly and Bronty's tail wrapped around a rugby post... The post came off worst! It was, however, mended for a match on the following day.

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