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Inflatable Info

Name: Huff

Image: Huff

Born: Spring of 1994
Length: 6m (20ft)
Height: 3.5m (11ft)

Huff was the first inflatable Anne made to be ground-based.

Hedgehogs are found in Europe. They are small creatures, upto 25cm (10") long, mostly covered in sharp spines. Huff has 150 spines; a real hedgehog has several thousands. Their spines are tough and very prickly, and are, in fact, modified hair. When threatened, hedgehogs curl up into a spiky ball for protection. They eats large amounts of food, mostly insects, worms and snails, and they carry a large flea population all their lives!

Being small and quite slow moving, many hedgehogs are injured on British roads. There are many schemes across the country to provide Hedgehog Crossings on busy roads to help protects these spiky little mammals.


Huff became a real character during his creation. He was launched at Weymouth Kite Festival; Anne had worked through the previous night to finish him. One of his feet was sewn on back to front, which made for great jokes about car accidents! His nose was also rather too long and, in due course, had to be shortened!

At one kite festival, two wheelchair-bound children with severe learning difficulties, spent a couple of hours playing with him. This really showed Anne that all the long hours of sewing were truly worthwhile.

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