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Inflatable Info

Name: Rock Around The Clock

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Born: Summer 1999
Length: 20m (66ft)
Height: 4m (13ft)

The Rock'n'Roll theme was born when Anne was unexpectly asked to do a "show" with some of the early animals. She decided to rock'n'roll the animals to the music of her youth. She was provided with an arena ringed with stakes, joined with a tacky-looking plastic ribbon. One of the stakes snagged an inflatable and tore it!

The following year, Anne was asked to do the show again, and decided to make a huge inflatable area with a clock face on the top of the arena. She called the show "Rock around the Clock with Anne’s Giant Menagerie". This worked very well, except the arena was really too high to realize it was a clock face, as people were not looking from above!

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