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Inflatable Info

Name: Madiba

Image: Madiba

Born: Autumn of 1998
Length: 8m (26ft)
Height: 4.5m (15ft)

Madiba is loosely based on a bird called a Guinea Fowl, which is found in Africa. Guinea Fowl mostly do not fly, but run around pecking at the ground for food. They have a very noisy call and are like small chickens.

Madiba is the nickname of Nelson Mandella, the formerly both the leader of the ANC and the President of South Africa. Madiba (the inflatable) has the flag of South Africa on his wings in honour of Mr Mandella.

All the birds which are on Earth today are descended from the dinosaurs. Scientists have been able to compare the skeleton’s of birds today with fossil remains to calculate the evolution of birds.


Madiba had an adventure at Kitefly in Guersey when, in stong winds, he tore all the way round, leaving his bridling lines behind and ended up on the roof of a nearby hotel! He did not quite make it to the sea just beyond!

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