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Inflatable Info

Name: Zodiac

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Born: Spring of 1997
Length: 30m (98ft)
Height: 4.5m (15ft)

Zodiac the Dragon is an imaginary creature.

Legends from the past give Dragons lungs of fire, wings of a bird, scales of a fish that were as hard as rock, so bringing together the symbols of the four elements of Nature.

The signs of the Zodiac decorate the dragon, due in part to the universal association of the shapes of the Zodiac signs with the sky at night, and also because if the dragon were flying over Glastonbury, near to where Anne lives, and looking down on the countryside, he would be able to make out the shapes of the Zodiac in features of the landscape.

The Zodiac of the Western world is based on the cycles of the sun, 12 in a year. Each sign is allied to one of the four elements. To represent this, Zodiac has a sun on each leg, in colours indicative of those elements; green for Earth, white for Air, yellow for Fire and blue for Water.


The first Zodiac dragon was extremely big, at about 30m (98ft) long, and he was very difficult to operate in safety. He has since been taken apart and many of the highly detailed pieces of sewing have been incorporated into newer inflatables.

In late 2003, a new dragon, is under construction, recycling many of the remaining signs and Zodiac's face.

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