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Inflatable Info

Name: Dino

Image: Dino

Born: Autumn of 1993
Length: 8m (26ft)
Height: 6.5m (21ft)

Dino is a life-sized Tyrannosaurus Rex, a dinosaur who's name means "King Of The Tyrant Reptiles." He was the first inflatable Anne made and was created in response to Jurassic fever. Tyrannosaurs were the biggest meat-eating dinosaurs to exist. They used a big tail for balance and had huge saw-like teeth.

While Dino seemed very big to make, he is now one of the smallest members of the Menagerie. He flies very well in light and strong winds.

Dino now only flies.


One of the most unusual places Dino has flown was off a bridge in Bogata, Columbia, between 2 highways. He even made the newspapers!

In August, it seems everyone in Columbia flies kites; over 1 million people came to the festival in Bogata. This is perhaps the only time Anne has had queues for her autograph!

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