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Hi! My name is Merlin The Wizard. On behalf of Anne Harris, my friends and I would like to welcome you to the website of The Anne Harris Children's Fund.

We hope you can help us raise money for children and in doing so, learn something, have fun and make friends!

We currently have two main projects, Anne's Amazing Coral Reef and Project:Parachute.

The money we raise will be donated to various charities around the world in order to improve the quality of education and life for children. For more information on making a donation or to make a donation, please go to our Donations page.

Merlin The Wizard

A Message From Anne

Hello and welcome to The Anne Harris Children's Fund.

My long-standing dream is to make a real difference in the lives of children.

Over time, I have came to realise that no matter how hard I work, I can not successfully acheive this on my own. In addition to the fantastic support of my family, I have discovered the power of friendship.

So I am now part of a team, and every bit of help is valued. I hope that by being a friend to the Anne Harris Children's Fund, you will become a part of this team and know your support will be greatly appreciated and make a difference.

Initially I plan to use my design and sewing skills to create a challenging project, "Anne's Amazing Coral Reef." This will consist of five sections, the first being a tunnel 16m (50ft) long, entitled "Starfish Caverns (Marine Playground Of The Famous)" featuring starfish signed by the famous endorsing the project.

In July 2004, it will be a year since I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Having had the cancer successfully 'zapped,' and having undergone chemotherapy, I see this as a time to celebrate and am planning a big party for all my inflatables to launch Anne's Amazing Coral Reef!

I would like to extend my personal thanks to a number of people, without whom the Anne Harris Children's Fund would not exist.

[Anne Harris at her sewing machine]

Official details of the Trust

Registered Charity No. 1103306
Trustees: Ros Browning, Di Chamberlain, Anne Harris & Kerri Hendry
Patron: Sir Henry Lawrence
Registered Office: The Anne Harris Children's Fund
Three Colts,
Barrow Hill,
DT10 2QX
Telephone: 01963 548 609
Merlin The Wizard

The Aim Of The Fund

The objectives of the Trust are to improve the education and relieve financial hardship of children and young people suffering from any form of poverty, illness or disability, (nationally and internationally), as the Trustees may from time to time decide.

The Anne Harris Children's Fund aims to be a highly visible organisation, operating solely to generate funds and distrubte those funds directly to community-based charities and non-profit organisations whose work is focused on children and young people.

The fact that these organisations are based within a community means that they are in the best possible place to know what can benefit that community and how it may be achieved.

We believe that children are our future, and that, as such, they should be nurtured and developed so as to fulfil their potential. We do not believe that we should focus solely on the children of the UK. We therefore aim to contribute to charities across the globe.

We will keep our overheads to a minimum so that as much of the money we raise as possible is used to assist children.

We would be interested to know which children you would like us to support.

For a list of charities The Anne Harris Children's Fund intends to support, please see the beneficiaries page.

Who Is Anne Harris..?

Intrepid grandmother Anne Harris' has taken her hobby of kiting to the extreme; she designs and creates giant inflatable creatures, using little more than a domestic sewing machine!

As time has passed, Anne's creatures have evolved to be able to come out to play in most weather conditions; the use of "blowers" has enabled these wonderful inflatables to come down to earth and to be inflated, even when Mother Nature takes the wind away!

They can even be inflated indoors!

Her amazing family of giant cuddly creations have taken her to Kiting Festivals all over the world, where they have made friends with young and old alike.

Anne loves children and has always been determined to find a way in which to raise money for charities that benefit children and young people.

This desire has spurred Anne's imagination to even grander ideas; she has been planning her most challenging and spectacular project to date; a gigantic inflatable walk-through coral reef, which would act as a nucleus around which to raise money.

During treatment for breast cancer in the second half of 2003, Anne finally had the time to start turning her plans into reality and The Anne Harris Children's Fund was born!

Anne has become a full time carer for her mother. This has necessitated Anne and her husband moving in to her mother's house. In April 2004, Anne plans to return to her job providing night-care in a residential home for adults with learning disabilities.

If you wish to learn more about Anne, please read this brief biography.

[Anne Harris at her sewing machine]


The Anne Harris Children's Fund intends to initially support the following charities:

Cape Mental Health Society

The Cape Metal Health Society (CMHS) is a Cape Town-based charity committed to challenging socially restrictive and discriminatory practices affecting mental health.

Mental health problems in Africa are highly stigmatised, and people who are living with such difficulties face discrimination and a general lack of understanding. These is especially true for children.

Although CMHS is involved in projects that benefit people of all ages, the Fund is specifically interested in helping them to improve the lives of children who are living with mental health issues.

For more information, please visit:[ External Link ]

[ CMHS logo ]

Children's World

Children's World aims to enrich the lives of all children, with particular focus on those having special needs.

The Glastonbury-based charity's carefully crafted program of fun activities allows all children who participate to express themselves in a positive, fulfilling manner; enabling mainstream children to interact fully and happily with those having special needs, and to have tremendous fun while doing so. This will hopefully result in children growing up with a positive attitude to "disability."

Although Children's World is a serious charity with serious aims, the key word in all their work is "FUN!"

For more information, please visit:[ External Link ]

[ Children's World logo ]

How To Make A Donation

The following donation methods are available:

Online Donation

We accept donations made over the Internet.

Online donations are made using PayPal.

You do not need a PayPal account to make a donation. Donations can be made using MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Switch/Maestro, Solo, Delta and Visa Electron cards. PayPal members can also source money directly from a bank account.

Clicking the "Make A Donation" button will transfer you to the PayPal website.

Make A Payment Over The Counter

You can also make a payment over the counter at any branch of NatWest Bank.

Our account details are as follows:

Account Holder: The Anne Harris Children's Fund
Account Number: 67013422
Sort Code: 55-61-09

Send Us A Donation

Or you can send us a donation in British Pounds Sterling (GBP) to us by .

Please ensure that any payments are made payable to:

The Anne Harris Children's Fund

Please send your donation to:

The Anne Harris Children's Fund
Three Colts
Barrow Hill
DT10 2QX

Thank You

Anne's Personal Thanks

I would like to extend my thanks to the following people, without whom the Anne Harris Children's Fund would not exist:

My Family

To my husband Chris, for his never-ending and unqualified support. For this, he becomes the "Dad" seahorse on the Coral Reef, giving birth to hundreds of babies! I assured my grandchildren this would not hurt as he would have a pouch like a Kangaroo!

To my children, Zoë, Tanya and Jonathan for reacting to my saying I would be putting a lot of my time and skills for the benefit of other people's children by telling me to "go for it!" Also for taking on board the concept of becoming trustees in the future.

Thanks to my grandchildren, Kia, Zeff and Manni. For donating a week's pocket money, 10pence for every year of their age. They have pledged a little of their birthday and Christmas money to help children who do not have birthday or Christmas presents. The children they would most like to help are those "with no families and no money."

My children and grandchildren will become "6 Divers - the Defenders Of The Reef". Zoë will be a diver with flippers, the others will be "Dippy Divers," who put on their slippers instead of their flippers as they are dyslexic!

My "Gold Stars"

To my 8 "gold starfish", without whom this fund would not exist.

"Barnado," a kiting friend and Barnado's child, who gave me £1000 for materials and will fund more materials if necessary.

Jo, the webmistress, creator of, amongst others, the Merlin mascot image and general Devil's Advocate; all done free of charge. Thanks for the hundreds of hours.

Avril, for invaluable Public Relations and event organisation skills; many hours given for nothing.

Hannah, for help in numerous ways, giving genourously of herself and commitment to the future.

Ros, Hazel, Sally and Robert for becoming Trustess; a big commitment and responsibility. All the Fund's Trustees work for a living and give of their spare-time generously.

Contact Details


Email :

Phone : +44 (0) 1963 548 609

Address :

The Anne Harris Children's Fund

Three Colts, Barrow Hill,



DT10 2QX